Migrating from IE9 to IE11

Migrating from IE9 to IE11

Now, I have put off this task for a long time. IE9 is old and crappy. I remember when it came out in 2011, and promised speeds as fast as Firefox 3.6… Well it turns out, every federal or state law enforcement site requires its users to use IE8. Custom active x applets and other junk that they use to ‘secure’ data, is so custom that it is only compatible with specific version of IE, which is not secure. The fact that I have to use an old, non supported version of IE to ‘securely’ which is incredibly stupid. Diverting from Law Enforcement, other sites that are not standardized require the use of IE9 in compatibility mode just to display data correctly (I am looking at you Granicus).


Now, the form of this post is step by step instructions of what I have done. As you read through it, I may make a change, and then end up reverting it, because it sucked. Do not follow this a guide, but rather use it as documentation. I will most likely provide some form of process once I finish the migration.

3/11/15 – I decided to actually start preparing for the migration. For the longest time our WSUS server has denied the deployment of IE10 and IE11.

3/12/15 – Microsoft announced that an update, KB3033929 causes boot loops in Windows 7. This scares me, since I thought the installation of IE11 caused issues.

3/17/15 – It seems that Microsoft has been releasing a bunch of updates lately, and there is a huge bundle of them that need to be installed. IE11 has currently caused no problems, and is slowly being installed on other computers. Let’s continue to hope, as things move along smoothly. We have only had a few cases of our servers logging in with this error. It seems to have been resolved by updating the remaining updates for IE11 after the initial install.

3/22/15 – According to Lansweeper, most of our computers have been upgraded to IE11, and we haven’t had any issues so far. Fingers crossed that it won’t cause any more issues.


As of 3/22/15 it looks like there are no current issues. Either law enforcement and states sites are being updated, or IE is working better or compatibility modes is working well enough. It was decided that if a site has issues with IE11, we will set users up with a XenApp subscription where they can use a remote app for IE9. With this setup, we hope we can keep IE up to date and secure, while still allow access to any site.

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