Calix AXOS Console Cable

Calix AXOS Console Cable

Recently we ran into an issue where we were required to get into a E3-16F with a console cable. This was due to a downgrade from R3.1.4 to R2.3.3.2. Such a downgrade causes the updated configuration file to not be read correctly and throws a running suspect alarm in the unit. The unit boots with no problem, but it was totally inaccessible from any interface. The solution was to use a console cable. Calix does not provide console cables, nor do they provide a pin out of the correct one to use.

The requirements they state are:

  • 115200 Baud
  • 8 Data bits
  • 1 Stop bit
  • No flow control

Further an RS-232 DB9(Female) to RJ11m or RJ12 connector is possible, but no pin out diagram exists. Luckily the DB9 only needs three wires. TX/RX and a ground. And a RJ11m only has four usable pins, so it just becomes a process of elimination. I have attached a diagram that shows how to wire it up, so if you need to purchase one or make one yourself, you can know how or what to get. Since there is no standard for this kind of connector set up, it seems crazy for Calix to not put the pin-out on their site.


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