FMS Q1, 2017 Checkpoint

FMS Q1, 2017 Checkpoint

I haven’t made a post since late October, and I felt one was needed. It won’t be long, I don’t have time right now, but I can give a quick update on what has occurred. I am currently in the winter term of my Senior year, and I am hoping to be done by June, 2017. I am taking Systems Analysis and Design, Networking and Telecom, Project Management and Marking. :-/

Given that, my gears are shifting. I am doing more and more developing than ever, but I am also now the lead person for the FMS (only person I guess too). What I mean by that is I am now building modules and functionality for some companies and organizations that are interested in licensing what I have made. I have had to swap hats multiple times within a given day and focus on the business side half the day and coding on the other half. I am currently working more than ever, and I only see myself getting more and more buried under the exponentially increasing work load. Back in late September, I finally made the switch to Git and revision control. My only regret is not switching sooner. I am finally able to separate my dev and production environment. In addition, a lot of changes have been happening on the plant management side. I have purposely left out that module from the blog because it is such a huge module that is constantly changing.

Work order, locates and tax lots all tie and rely on the plant management module. And the integration is endless. I don’t consider myself a GIS guy, and it really shows here. When I was first racking my brain, trying to come up with a solution to be able to generate a web based Fiber GIS suite I had to gather some basic understanding of GIS. One issue that quickly came up was getting data to the client effectively. I started to look into GIS based DBMS’s. This returned PostGIS and Postgres. Well I wrote the FMS in MySQL. So that began the design of keeping two separate data silos that had to stay in sync. It is not a perfect system by any means, but it is manageable. Basically, the FMS syncs with a GIS server, running an instance of an open source GIS platform. The FMS allows for a bidirectional sync between the two systems. Clients pull records from the FMS and the GIS system,and data is displayed and manipulated.

This basically laid the groundwork for what is now a functioning, critical part of the FMS. It seems that that possibilities of finding relationships in data becomes endless when it is all central. 🙂

Note: I have not reinvented the wheel by any means. This concept has existed in many other plant management based programs. The schematic above was a concept rather than finished product. The structure is much different and way more complicated.


As you can see, I am tying in the last post here. Plant management ties into the calendar and work orders, which ties into the field tech console. Tracking and recording any and all operational, customer and OSP operations has generated extensive sets of data, many of which may never find a use.

On another note, we have not yet gotten our E3’s deployed to MDU’s. SandyNet has just started it’s expansion to the business district, which is being constructed by NorthSky Communications. This will include expansion of the network to all businesses within Sandy’s business district.

The delay in getting MDU’s deployed has been somewhat part of a blessing. It has allowed me to get caught up on other projects, rather than hurrying trying to get Calix Activate incorporated. However progress has been made. The FMS CPE provisioning has changed yet again. Any Compass connected device can how allow for one click provisioning. This is a solution the the 844-E’s. I have successfully integrated CC+ subscriber creation, device creation/assignment and modification through one interface. 


I’ll make a whole post dedicated to CC+ integration in the future (heh).


So I wrote the above information towards the end of January, and since then I have been finishing up an overdue project on the plant management module. It’s now done, but I would rather just push this post out and write a new one dedicated to it.

I’ll end here, because I am tired.

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