No light at the end of the tunnel

No light at the end of the tunnel

I figured it was time to update this blog a bit, give a quick update on changes I have been making within the FMS. I haven’t died, or quit, I have just been quiet. Since my last post, a few things have happened.

Calix released E3 units. This is cool, but has been difficult to get around to. The FMS was built to work with CMS and its NBI. can hang under an E7 (or at least in a later release), but do not use CMS in any way shape or form. Calix has created Activate, a cloud based solution and SDN. I could rant about this all day, but I am not too impressed with the whole idea. I don’t like being at the mercy of the cloud for my operations. In addition, Activate is not even ready to be used. We have been waiting for over a month from Calix to get access to the program. Finally, our management VLAN is severed from the internet, making it impossible to currently implement without a VPN. I guess we’ll just keep making exceptions until our security is nonexistent.

In addition to having to rewrite most of my code to work around Consumer Connect, I have to rewrite the following modules:

  • Customer ¬†management
  • Inventory
  • ONT Provisioning
    • Field Tech Console
  • Alerting

I’ll have to keep ya’ll updated as finish these. I have been working on each one, but none are currently completed.




Major overhaul of the Plant Management module. This will deserve its own post, and it will be a LONG one. Our plant management is almost out of its infant stage, and will soon have good enough core or baseline, that a lot of cool things could be attached to it. Currently the plant management handles

  • Objects
    • Sites
    • Regions
    • Terminals
    • Splitters
    • Splice Cases
    • Segments
      • Fiber Cables
  • Distributive and traditional fiber network layouts
  • Fiber cable and splicing management
    • Generation of splice diagrams
  • Optical cable and route tracing

I assure you, there is a lot more that it could be doing, and it could be doing its current operations much better. None the less, I will be continuing to work on.


Locate module and Work Orders module. These two modules are smaller, but none the less important. Locate record management and tracking makes it easy to plot out where and when areas need to be located. I have been in discussions with our Public Works department to assist them in locating and time management. Work orders are another small, cross module, module that allows our utility technicians to determine what needs to be finished. It is accessible through our field tech console, and has the ability for contractors to have limited access into our system. Paper work orders are no longer needed, and these are auto generated, and virtually filed. These can be assigned to segments and drops currently. Techs can simply pull up their work order list, go out and fix the issue, update it in the field, and be monitored by appropriate individuals. Finally, inspectors have the ability to analyze the record and approve or reject the work order completion. Notes and various attributes record what actions were taken and resources were used.

So, overall I have been busy. I am hoping to start wrapping up some of these modules in the near future. It currently seems like a never ending job. At least for one person :/

On the bright side, I’ll be back in Corvallis soon enough for my final year at OSU.


Also, some photos of this year.

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