SandyNet Fiber – First Customer

SandyNet Fiber – First Customer

Yesterday, August 27th, 2014, The SandyNet team rolled out to our new subdivision, Snowberry, to hook up the first fiber to the home customer. After months of preparation, we finally received our equipment, got our data center built, and learned how to splice. Yesterday,we put it to the test, and attempted to get our first customer online. Joseph Kemp was our first customer to obtain SandyNet Fiber to his home. IMG_20140827_151625335_HDR


Upon arriving, we pulled open one of our vaults. From here, we began to drag our drop cable to the house.


Each house in Snowberry has a smart panel, which makes it easy for us to get the fiber into the garage, with minimal effort. You can see that phone, Ethernet and coax are all already present.

IMG_20140827_151843853_HDR IMG_20140827_151751311_HDR


We then connected the house to the pedestal near the vault. We also had Carlos, being Carlos.


We finally got to our our splicers in the field. I spliced one pigtail in the garage, and Carlos Spliced the outside pigtail on the house.

IMG_20140827_154558571 IMG_20140827_154856823

Finally got to mounting the ONT and providing it with power. This process took a bit longer than we expected, as we soon found out half of Snowberry was not lit up. Using some basic troubleshooting, we soon discovered that it was not our splice job, or our fiber. We had to call out our contractor (Route 26 Fiber) to take a look and see if anything was missing.

8/28/14 – Thursday Morning

After about an hour of troubleshooting, we shot a visible light beam down one of our strands, and discovered that  our colors in one of our splice cases was incorrect. The problem was quickly remedied and the customer came right online.

IMG_20140828_094643388 IMG_20140828_094632734_HDR

So now, we have technically turned on our first SandyNet Fiber customer. It has been awesome to get involved, and to be apart of the SandyNet team. And while I go off to school soon, I have gotten to be a part of an awesome project. 😀

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