Woah, it’s been a while

Woah, it’s been a while

It’s been over a year since my last post, and a bit has happened within that time frame. I wrote many blog posts in the past year, but they were never fully fleshed or worthy of being public accessible.

1) I graduated with a BS in Business Information Systems. My last two years at university were some of the best. I finally found a degree I enjoyed and was good at. Made some good buddies, and helped me find myself in a way.

2) I moved to Omaha Nebraska for short period of time. This is a tough one, I spent about six months living on my own and learning nothing but life lessons. I work at the Union Pacific Railroad as a Project Engineer for the UI section of a PTC web application. The whole experience was eye opening in a lot of ways. I won’t say it was bad or unhealthy, but it really showed me what I desire in a job and where my values really stand. Sounds simple, but it took me half a year and moving 1,600 miles from home to figure out. I did have some moments though, I must say I really love trains, but not the railroad. SandyNet accepted me back as one of their own upon my return to Oregon.

3) I got a cat. He is adorable, and also very annoying.

4) I am now the Assistant Director at SandyNet. I finish with this, since I have picked back up on FMS development, and have already incorporated new technologies into the existing builds. UP gave me hands on experience in designing modern web applications, even though they are 10 years behind everyone else. Suddenly all of these things I learned in college are true, and I need to pay closer attention to how I write code so that it can better weather the inevitable invasion of entropy.


With all that said, I have very briefly closed the gap of what I have been up to. Here’s a list of things I have continued to learn and grow upon:

  • SDLC – Waterfall, agile and hybrid (According to UP)
  • DevOps – CI, CD, IaC
  • Testing – Unit, integration, user acceptance
  • Micro-services architecture
  • Web UI Frameworks – Angular (1) and React
  • Docker – hosted, local, stand alone and clustered
  • How to use a Calendar – Still working on this one

My current focus is more on development of myself:

  • Management
  • Leadership
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