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A little less than a year ago, I moved my server environment over to Citrix’s Xenserver in an attempt to play around with XenDesktop, Netscaler and XenMotion.

My setup consisted of three x3650’s. Two as Xen hosts and one as a storage server. This system worked for most of a year, until OpenFiler busted and would stop working after a day of operation. In an attempt to fix it, I broke it even further and it broke everything. Being frustrated and having to catch a flight later that night, I shut down my system and decided to come up with a better way to handle everything. While on vacation I came to the conclusion that I need to do away with Citrix and move back to VMware. In doing so, it would effectively allow me to cut my power costs in half because I am only required one host for operation. This decision came with both good and bad. I would no longer be able to test and operate virtual desktops or live machine migration. Since ESXi does not allow any vSphere systems, I am stuck with just the hypervisor.

But, since I will be attending OSU this fall, I will be forced to decrease my server environment, and this is a better way to deal with it. By combining storage and VM’s in one box, it will make the system less likely to break or have issues.

As of right now, my environment is rebuilt. Running a very small test domain, I am not using as many virtual machines as I was before. But it has balanced out with work. I am working more and more with servers at work, and I no longer need to test and play with servers at my house because I can get experience at work.

Overall, I am much more satisfied with VMware, and it seems to be snappier, and much more stable than Xenserver. Both seem to be good, but I prefer VMware when it comes to management.

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